All of the earrings start out with a matching pendant/slide. After different purchases occur there may not be matches. However, I for one do not always match. I blend and thats easy with all of the tones I have. Always ask because I can perform magic at times and get you a match.

The slides all have earrings to match them when they are first made but after time and a customer buys one of the other there may not be a match so we mix and match. Always ask me if I have matching earrings because there is always a chance that I may have buttons at home to match or could search out and find them again. I have earrings in shops that I could check out for you also.


Some of the items on this web site are no longer available but there could be another that would be similar and work good just for you.

Mary Ann McNeil

DeZigns By M, owned by Mary Ann McNeil, is unique Vintage Button Jewelry, Beaded Bracelets, Sassy Scarves, and Archibet -Architectural Alphabet Photos. You may contact me at:


Mary Ann McNeil




or go to Contact Me on this web site.


What's New?

New DeZigns By M

I am continually making one-of-a-kind OOAK pendant/slides. And...The NEW Sassy Scarves are very popular. There are new colors added every week. Many of these are one-of-a-kind or maybe OOAK. When yarn is gone its gone. Much of it is being discontinued. New this past week are the turquoise, turquoise and brown and Carnival colors. The favorites remain the black with ivory, black with stained glass accents, brown, sage/rust/turquoise, and the pink multi. New Pink multis and royal blue multis will roll out this week. Check my web site often to see "what s new for me and you".

I'm Online!

I am glad to present you with my artwork on my website!